I love doing photo sessions in the wild. But some cities also have that kind of charm that I find appealing. Singapore is that kind of city. Big futuristic city with a lot of places that look almost like they were taken out of a science fiction movie. Annabel and Wilson – the couple that I did an engagement session with is from Singapore. I kind of envy them!

Big cities requires from the photographer to change perspective a little. To try and find new frames, to think different. The background here is not only a background – it’s an important supplement to the session. Take a look at the results below – we started our session on Jubilee Bridge overlooking the skyscrapers. Then we moved closer to one of the most iconic hotels in the world – Marina Bay Sands. We finished our session in a place so surreal, that I still doubt that it’s really there – Gardens by the Bay and Supertree Grove. It was like being in real life Avatar movie. Take a look at an engagement session in Singapore!