Taking pictures is really great for many different reasons. One of them is that you meet so many people! And in some cases, people you photographed before – come back to you! I met Agata and Michal a year ago in London, where we did a sunrise session. This time we had a chance to do something a little bit more spectacular. We met very early in London, hopped into a car and drove to a lovely seaside town called Seaford. That’s how our couples Seaford cliffs session began.

What we saw there, was a giant surprise for me. I wasn’t expecting something so extraordinary. But more of that in a moment (you’ll see it in the pictures!). Seaford wasn’t our final stop that day. We drove a little bit further to the Seven Sisters cliffs, where Agata and Michal did a quick outfit change. They also brought with them some props. Our session on the cliffs was exactly on the day of their 3rd wedding anniversary! They had a big “3” balloon, champagne and glasses.

That day we did one more stop on our way back to London. We had a little break in a lovely town of Alfriston. Ok, enough of talking, time for pictures! Enjoy!