When Grace first contacted me on Instagram inquiring about wedding photos, I already knew we would get along really well. When I saw her and Ruperts wedding venue and I was blown away. I seriously can’t wait for their September wedding in Wales in gorgeous Plas Dinam. But that’s still a little bit down the road, so first it was time for an engagement photoshoot. Grace and Ru decided to have their engagement session in a place called Old Harry Rocks, which are basically jaw dropping cliffs in Studland, Dorset. This place is special for both of them, as it’s the place where Rupert proposed! They also took their puppy with them (and she melts my heart)!

Take a look at the engagement pictures we created together, featuring Old Harry Rocks and lovely Studland Beach.

Also, I look forward to seeing their engagement video, made by Alpaka Wedding Videography.