Jennifer and Darryl are such a lovely couple, and they invited me to London, to capture their Richmond Park engagement session. How could I say no to this?

This was the first time the three of of visited Richmond Park and we were in awe! This gigantic natural space is situated in one of the biggest cities in Europe and yet, when you enter it, it doesn’t feel like city at all. We decided to shoot at sunset and it was a perfect choice. The day we did the shoot was very pretty (and hot). We wandered and wandered around the park trying to find beautiful locations (and by the way we found lots!)

London Engagement Session

The last bit of sunset was absolutely magical with strong orange and red light. Somehow (I don’t know how, but it must have been a miracle) we found ourselves on a hill with a perfect view of a city and dissapearing sun. I must say, it was a real life la la land moment! I hope you’ll enjoy this session as much as I loved shooting it!