Grace and Rupert’s wedding was seriously one of the most amazing wedding days I’ve ever seen. Imagine the most dreamy venue – Plas Dinam in Wales in autumn, a couple who knows exactly what they want (Grace and Ru) and a family and friends – ready to share the happiness of the Newlyweds and party until dawn. What you get is a recipe for a perfect wedding day. And by perfect I mean per-fect.

Let’s start with the fact, that Wales is probably on the top of the most beautiful countries list and it’s so green, even in September, that it almost blinds you. I bet this is what made Grace and Rupert decide on Wales as a location for their wedding. This, and the jaw-dropping venue – Plas Dinam. It’s a country house, located among the Welsh hills, within the close proximity to the church, where G&R decided to get married in a traditional ceremony.

But was their wedding really that traditional? It was in the sense of traditional wedding outfits and the church element, but at the same time, it was 100% what the couple wanted and it reflected their perfonalities in the most natural way, you could say it wasn’t a “traditional” wedding at all!

There were 150 guests at the wedding, yet it felt like an intimate gathering of the closest friends and family. Everyone was smiling, cheering and just having a good time and I mean everyone! In the church they were singing, cheering, dancing and it just wasn’t traditional at all! I loved it. You could feel it’s all about the joy and the emotions and just staying true to what you want.

After the ceremony, back at Plas Dinam, it was reception time, group pictures with the most amazing view ever, couples portraits and then dinner and a party in the Old Stables, which looked so amazing with the beautiful flower decorations by Joanna Game Flowers.

After dinner, the party started and it was seriously on fire. I can’t imagine this day going any better than it did. Grace and Rupert – you are rockstars. I’m so glad that it was me, who captured your wedding day. And of course big shout out to Alpaka Wedding Videography, who’s working on a kickass wedding video. I can’t wait. Seriously. Enjoy the story of a wedding in Plas Dinam!

Oh! We also did an engagement session with Rupert and Grace on the Old Harry Rocks!